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Do any of these situations apply to you?

You recently applied to a healthcare professional school, clinical psychology program, veterinarian school, or to the medical school Residency match program (CaRMS)?

You are asked to complete a CASPer®, CAP or FM-ProC Test?

You receive an interview invitation from a healthcare professional school, clinical psychology program, veterinarian school, or for the CaRMS residency match program?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more, congratulations on such a significant milestone! You’ve been planning for your career for some time now, researching it, completing applications and in some cases writing essays. Your future is looking very bright. Now you’re ready to start preparing for the next stage of this journey: that of preparation for your MMI, MPI, Panel, Traditional or other style interview and/or CASPer®, CAP or FM-ProC Test.

Many healthcare programs (a number of allied health programs, nursing, perfusionist) only require the completion of the CASPer® Test. Most other healthcare professional schools and programs as well as clinical psychology and veterinarian programs require the completion of an interview for admission into their program.  Did you know that for most healthcare professional programs at universities and colleges the interview has the highest value when scoring applicants? Competition at the interview stage is highly competitive and can be daunting; that’s why preparation and practice for your interview is so important! Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching will be happy to assist you with your interview preparation.

Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching has been providing training and coaching services since 2007, starting as a small business to first test the market. Since those humble beginnings thousands of students have benefitted from interview and/or test preparation in the following disciplines: the many programs of allied health, chiropractic, clinical psychology, dentistry, genetic counselling, medicine, medical residency, midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, perfusionist, pharmacy, physician assistant, physiotherapy, and veterinarian.

At Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching, we take great pride in training and coaching you for your interview and/or test. For a list of which type of interview(s) you may have to prepare for, and an estimated date of your interview (subject to change each year), please visit your chosen discipline in the drop-down list on the discipline page.  We use a variety of questions, quotations and scenarios to coach you through your interview practice sessions. For samples of practice questions, click here.  We will provide you with a constructive analysis of your response; tips on how to communicate your response including the effective use of body language; as well as help you overcome nervousness and build confidence for your interview.

There are three tests which Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching prepares students for, the CASPer®, CAP and FMProC test. Please click on the link to learn more about these tests. Upon the completion of each test preparation session, students submit their answers to us for review and evaluation.

As unique as you are physically and mentally to others, so are your learnings and life experiences. Our coaching services are tailored to meet your expectations, plain and simple. Our goal is to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed in achieving your full potential at your interview and/or required test. Students coached through Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching also receive timely and useful information, including:

  • interview tips
  • starting and concluding your responses
  • principles of medical ethics
  • suggested resources
  • interview day preparations
  • overcoming nervousness
  • journaling tips

For more information on how we can help, please read the Q & A and also testimonies from students who have completed interview and/or test practice sessions through Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching. For more information please contact us.

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