Did you recently apply to a professional school?

Did you just receive an interview acceptance?

Congratulations on this significant milestone.  You’ve already accomplished many goals to reach this stage in your journey.  Now you’re ready to start preparing for your MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) or panel interview. Preparation for your interview is as important in its own way as prepping for a college admission test (e.g., MCAT) if you had to complete one. You wouldn’t walk in to that test without prepping for it first, would you? The same goes for your MMI or panel interview.

Did you know that at most universities the interview has the highest value when scoring applicants for many professional schools? Competition at the interview stage is still daunting; it’s why preparation and practice for your interview is so important. Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching will be happy to assist you with your interview preparation.

The two types of interviews for many professional schools at most universities are MMI and panel interview.

MMI (multiple mini interview)

Many medical and pharmacy schools in Canada are now using the MMI process which was developed at McMaster University in 2001. The process of the MMI is akin to speed dating…it consists of a series of short, highly-structured interview questions (called a station) where you will be given two minutes to read the question/scenario and formulate an answer and then eight minutes to respond.  In this process you will rotate from one station to another station, with one or two breaks (also called a station) in between. At some stations (e.g., a role play scenario) you will be paired with an actor while the interviewer is tasked with observing your exchange with the actor. As you move onto the next station, the interviewer evaluates your performance. Each question given tests different qualities such as, but not limited to, maturity, initiative, empathy, reliability, ethical decision making, integrity, teamwork, critical thinking, communication skills and problem solving.  Your response to the interview stations will help the admissions committee determine your admissibility for the program you have applied for.

Panel interviews

A panel interview is where more than one interviewer interviews you at the same time. This type of interview is interactive and group oriented. Interviewers on the panel usually consists of faculty members from the school you’ve applied to (medical, pharmacy or other), admissions staff, and, maybe even a senior student of your chosen program of studies. During a panel interview, the interviewers will ask you a real range of questions and observe you to assess your personal characteristics such as maturity, empathy, professionalism, attention to detail and interpersonal skills, including cooperativeness, oral expression, and teamwork. Interviewers also ask questions to determine your motivation for and knowledge concerning a career in the field you’ve chosen.

Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching has been providing MMI (multiple mini interview), MPI and panel interview practice sessions to university students on a one-to-one basis since 2008 and have successfully coached students for the following disciplines: medical, medical residency, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, genetic counselling, profusionist, optometry, veterinarian, legal and legal articling interviews.

At Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching, we take great pride in coaching you through MMI and panel interview practice sessions using a large variety of standard, ethical, collaboration, critical thinking, discipline-related, and, problem solving questions, as well as quotations, debating and role play scenarios. We will provide you a constructive analysis of your response; tips on how to communicate your response including the effective use of body language; as well as help you overcome nervousness and build confidence for your interview. Our goal is to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed in achieving your full potential at your interview.

Students coached through Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching also receive timely and useful Gordon’s Smart Tips including:

  • interview tips
  • starting and concluding your responses
  • principles of medical ethics
  • suggested resources
  • interview day preparations

For more information on how we can help, please read the Q & A and also testimonies from students who have completed interview practice sessions through Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching.

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