The FM-ProC (Family Medicine Professional Choices) is a new Situational Judgement Test (SJT) administered to all applicants for the CaRMS (1st round cycle) Family Medicine Program. The SJT is designed to assess four critically important selected qualities for the family physician profession, those being: empathy/compassion, adaptability, professional integrity, and teamwork.

The FM-ProC format consists of reading a situation and then responding in one of two methods, rating and ranking.

Responses to be rated will require you to read the situation and then rate each of the 4-8 response options on a 5-point scale (e.g., between ‘very appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’), in order of their appropriateness or importance, in responding to the situation.

Responses to be ranked will require you to read a situation, then rank the five response options presented in order of their appropriateness or importance in response to the situation.

To help you prepare for your FM-ProC, we will present you with several situations in which you will be required to rate or rank your response. Following each prep session, your responses to each question are reviewed and then discussed at the next session. You will be asked to be prepared to answer why you choose a certain rating or ranking over another.

A good source for information about the FM-ProC is from Queens University, check it out here.

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