Why Blue Dolphin

As a child, I grew up watching, on a black and white television set, a famous dolphin named Flipper on a black and white television set. I was always fascinated by the intelligence and playful attitude of Flipper.

As I grew older and read more about dolphins, I learned a number of fascinating facts about them; namely, that they

  • are social creatures and create very strong social bonds.
  • communicate to one another and to humans.
  • communicate by using sound, vision, touch, and taste.
  • like to play and entertain.
  • learn and mimic behaviours.
  • appear to cooperate and work together as a team.
  • inspire and motivate us.
  • have a similar genetic make-up to humans.

When we study dolphins and compare them to humans, we see many similarities. The ability to communicate tops the list but dolphins are also recognized for their cooperation and working as a team, for creating social bonds among themselves and with humans, for having fun and entertaining small and large groups of people, and, for having the ability to inspire us. Dolphins have a soothing, calming presence that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

I am intrigued by the dolphin’s ability to communicate so when I was deciding on a name for my training and coaching business it did not take long to realize that it was appropriate to include a dolphin in my business name. Thus, the name Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching was selected to convey the high importance of effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills when responding to interview questions or more recently in completing various tests like CASPer®, CAP and FMProC.

I am also fascinated by the dolphin’s ability to inspire individuals of all ages and have likened this to the many students whom I have coached over the years who went on to become exceptionally hard working and dedicated healthcare team members. Their goal is not only to treat patients and clients to the best of their ability, whether in hospitals, private clinics or long term residences, but to also inspire patients and clients every single day of the year to aim for optimal healthcare.

As usual, it takes a little time to “get used” to a new name. But it wasn’t long before Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching caught on and soon the services of the business became known across Canada and around the world.

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