CASPer practice sessions

CASPer (Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics), is an online admission test created by researchers at McMaster University over a period of 7 years. Its purpose is to provide a fair assessment in evaluating key interpersonal and decision-making characteristics like professionalism, communication, ethics and empathy.

The test consists of 10-12 sections that are either (a.) a short video-based scenario, or, (b.) a short word-based “real life” scenario. Each scenario is followed up by three probing open-ended questions which you will have a time of 5 minutes to answer. The test takes 90 minutes to complete.

To help you prepare for your CASPer, Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching will present you with a large number of video and worded scenarios, each followed by three questions and a strictly-timed, five-minute time-frame for you to type your answers to the questions. Following each session, your response is reviewed by the experts at Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching and an evaluation, with helpful tips on enhancing your response, is provided to you.  

Get in touch with us today and let us help you prepare for your CASPer test.