Q and A

It is our hope that many of your questions about the services we provide (interview and test practice sessions) will be answered in this Q and A. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Who knows, maybe your question(s) should be here too.

Describe your typical MMI, MPI, panel or traditional interview practice session?

Will you provide feedback on my response to the questions?

Why should I pay for a service like yours when I can have my friends help me?

Do you have any testimonials?

How do I get started?

How soon after I contact you can I start my practice sessions?

How many practice sessions will I need?

How frequent should I meet you?

I’m very nervous when it comes to interviews and I’m worried this will affect my demeanour during my interview. Can you help me with this?

I lack confidence in an unfamiliar situation and feel this will be a liability when participating in my interview. How can you help?

I stumble with my answers to questions in an interview setting and I wonder, during my time with you, if you could help me with that?

I have a friend who will also be doing an interview. Can she sign up your services?

I am expecting several interviews for the CaRMS program. It’s been a few years since my pre-med interview and so I’m feeling a little rusty when it comes to interviewing. Can you help me get ready?

I have never completed a CASPer® Test before, how can you help me prepare for it?

I do not have an interview, but I have been invited to write the CAP for the Physical Therapy program at the University of Toronto. Do you help students prepare for this?

I didn’t do very well with my MCAT score last year; thus, I was not offered an interview at any of the schools I applied to. I am planning to take the MCAT again this summer, can you help me with this?

I am struggling with the writing of my essays as part of my application process. Can you review my essays and provide me with some feedback.

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