Since 2007, students applying to medical schools across Canada, the USA and other countries have sought out Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching to prepare for their interview and CASPer® Test. It’s the first discipline we started coaching students for and the busiest discipling each year since.

Here’s why…

  • Proven strategies to help you prepare and ace your interview
  • Tips on interview-related verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Hundreds of questions in a variety of categories
  • Practice sessions for the CASPer® Test and Snapshot
  • Tips on what interviewers are looking for
  • Advice on interview etiquette
  • Common errors made in Interviews
  • Questions for you to ask at your interview, if permitted
  • Strategies on coping with stress and nervousness
  • Very high success rate in all disciplines
  • Close to 45 years work experience, mostly in healthcare
  • Well versed in the CanMEDS educational framework
  • Well versed and experienced with the MMI/MPI/Panel and traditional interview processes
  • Low hourly rates
  • Flexible meeting times, days, evenings, and weekends
  • Our goal is your goal, to succeed at your interview
  • A referral program where you are rewarded for referring a friend or family member to us

All medical schools in Canada require an entrance interview; some schools also require the completion of a CASPer® Test. Please refer to the chart below to determine interview type and whether the completion of a CASPer® Test is also required. Please click on the school’s website link for more details.

Preparing ahead for the interview and/or CASPer® Test are important to having a successful outcome. Preparation sessions for both the school’s interview and CASPer® Test are provided through Blue Dolphin Training and Coaching. Contact us early for more information.

Medical SchoolCASPer® required
(part of application process)
Approximate interview datesInterview format
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)
St. John’s, NL
Yesearly January30-minute Competency Assessment, based on the CanMeds roles and eight (6-minute) MMI stations
Dalhousie University (Dal)
Halifax, NS
Yesusually third weekend in NovemberMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
McGill University (McGill)
Montreal, QC
Yesusually third week of FebruaryMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
McMaster University (Mac)
Hamilton, ON
YesMarchMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)
Thunder Bay, ON
NoFirst weekend in MarchMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
Queens University (Queens)
Kingston, ON
YesMMI – Feb. 12, 2023
Panel – March 25/26, 2023
Combined MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) and panel
University of Ottawa (U of O)
Ottawa, ON
Western University (Western)
London, ON
University of Toronto (U of T)
Toronto, ON
NoFebruary to AprilMPI (Modified Personal Interview)
University of Saskatchewan (USask)
Saskatoon, SK
YesUsually third weekend in JanuaryMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
University of Manitoba (U of M)
Winnipeg, MN
YesUsually in FebruaryMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
University of Calgary (U of C)
Calgary, AB
NoLast weekend in February and second weekend in MarchMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)
University of Alberta (U of A)
Edmonton, AB
YesMarch 18-19, 2023MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) and traditional
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Vancouver, BC
NoEarly-mid FebruaryMMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) and panel (Northern and Rural)

What our clients say

I worked with Gordon in the months leading up to my interview at an Ontario medical school. I had been recommended to him by a friend who had gotten in last year so I had high hopes that Gordon could help me realize and work on my interviewing issues that had prevented me from getting accepted last year. From our first meeting I was excited and inspired by the structured tutoring methodology that Gordon employs. Our sessions had carefully constructed scenarios, timing, and questions that matched the medical school I was interviewing at. Gordon was able to provide systematic, precise critiques on not only the quality of my answer, but also the way it was expressed. Gordon maintains a welcoming, friendly atmosphere but is not afraid to challenge you and design acting stations that will put you in high stakes, high stress scenarios much like medical school interviews do. My favorite part of my experience with Gordon was how receptive he was to my feedback and how ready he was to adapt our meetings to the expectations of the school I was interviewing at. None of the other practice material or prep I had used was so welcoming and supportive. I genuinely enjoyed my experience working with Gordon and would recommend him to any other premeds or medical students looking to improve their interviewing skills.