The following feedback is from students who completed MMI, MPI and panel interview practice sessions with Blue Dolphin Training & Coaching, 2016 – 2017.

After exhausting MMI prep materials found online I heard about Gordon, and I am so glad I did! Gordon knows basically everything there is to know about the MMI and, in my opinion, no practice can replace the knowledge and skills you gain from working closely with someone with the experience (and patience) that Gordon has. I found Gordon to be very professional, enthusiastic and incredibly insightful. Gordon will teach you how to structure your response to make sure you are clear and concise with every answer. Apart from this, and maybe more importantly, Gordon will teach you how to personalize your responses and help you to develop a sense of confidence. This was my first time applying but I am so excited to say that I was accepted to Dalhousie and Memorial Medical School this year. I can confidently say that with a little bit of hard work and with the help from Gordon, you will greatly increase your chances of being accepted too! Good luck.


Working with Gordon is one of the best decisions I made in regards to my medical school application. After being rejected twice, I made multiple changes to take my application to the next level. By far, Gordon was the change that paid off the most. His approach to the interview is all-encompassing. He focuses not only on answer content, but on the small things such a speaking speed, eye contact, and body language that make an answer accessible to an interviewer. I would recommend Gordon to anyone, not only medical school applicants, who is looking to improve both their interview skills as well as their interpersonal skills as a whole.


Gordon’s approach to MMI preparation was professional, well-organized and assisted in me feeling well prepared. His specific strategies regarding the use of time outside the room and the management of time while speaking were particularly helpful. His keen sense of observation during the sessions resulted in valuable tips that I was able to employ during the MMI. That Gordon was able to provide this service via Skype is commendable. I recommend his services to others interested in preparing for the MMI.


Gordon was a lifesaver for me and unquestionably played a huge role in my acceptance into medicine at Université de Sherbrooke. He not only helped me gain a ton of confidence, but provided answering techniques and structure that took the stress out of the whole process. I benefited greatly from our sessions and definitely had an edge over other candidates because of him. Arriving at my interview, I felt beyond prepared and comfortable, which is why I could not recommend him enough for any interview preparation.


Interviews can be scary. Your performance can determine whether you receive a rejection or an acceptance letter to your dream program and school. When it comes to dentistry, the task may seem even more daunting because there aren’t as many resources out there compared to those available for medical interviews. Luckily, Gordon is just as knowledgeable in the dentistry interviews and process, and has a vast wealth of dental related questions. For my Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) preparation, I found that Gordon played an essential role in every aspect: correcting my speech habits, controlling the pace and volume of my voice, structuring my answers, incorporating hand gestures, and overall, communicating more effectively. He is extremely attentive and I have improved drastically since day one. Today, I can better articulate my ideas and these skills prove to be handy beyond the interviews in my everyday interactions. What’s extremely important to note is that Gordon is a professional and knows exactly what kind of feedback and constructive criticism students need. It’s a completely different experience as opposed to practicing with friends and other students as it more closely mimics the real deal and I definitely felt more intimidated. On top of all these traits you would expect in a coach, I am so grateful for Gordon’s understanding and caring nature. He truly wants you to succeed. A few days before my big interview day, I was so anxious and hopeless that I broke down in tears during one of our sessions. Gordon was incredibly patient and empathetic; he comforted me by reminding me that I had made so much progress and was confident I would succeed. At the time, those were the words I so desperately needed to hear. Thank you Gordon, for believing in me from the beginning to the end. I have officially earned my spot in dentistry! So yes, interviews can be scary— but having an experienced, diligent, and supportive coach such as Gordon to guide you every step of the way makes the task a lot less nerve wrecking…and a lot more enjoyable.


The first time I applied to medical school, I interviewed at two Ontario universities and was unsuccessful. I knew my interview performance needed improvement and I wanted to do all I could to be prepared the second time around. I am so glad I found Gordon; he is awesome! I believe his help was the major reason I was accepted to both medical schools I interviewed at this year: the University of Alberta and Queen’s. Not only is he kind, patient, and encouraging, but he is also very knowledgeable about interview communication skills and MMIs. Before I started practicing with him, my MMI responses hovered around a meagre 3 minutes (when they should be twice as long) and my ideas were all over the place. He provided me with a very effective method of structuring my responses, which made them much more organized, professional, and thorough. I practiced with him regularly through Skype for three months and over this time, found myself feeling much more comfortable and confident communicating my answers to MMI and panel interview questions. Rather than practicing with friends, I found it so helpful practicing with someone who is a trained and experienced interview coach in order to gain specific and constructive feedback. I am so thankful to Gordon and I would 100% recommend him to anyone preparing for interviews!


 I had applied to medical schools in Atlantic Canada the year before and was unsuccessful. I knew that the most valuable area I could improve in would be my Multiple Mini Interview skills, so I sought Gordon’s expertise. His experience and teaching methods were phenomenal. He went over every aspect of how to be a successful interviewee, from non-verbal communication skills to giving well-structured responses to questions. After my sessions with Gordon, I was able to walk into my interviews with confidence, knowing that I had gained the tools to succeed. And I have! I will be starting school this summer!


 I could not recommend Gordon’s coaching services enough, as I believe he was integral to the improvement in my ability to answer questions in an MMI environment leading to my acceptance to medical school. Gordon’s coaching made me very aware of the areas that I needed to improve upon, while also helped me to further refine the skills I already possessed. Due to Gordon’s coaching I’ve noticed a drastic improvement compared to my previous unsuccessful MMI session a year prior. Further, I now possess many new skills that allow me to convey my ideas in a more clear and effective fashion in a variety of professional and casual situations. 


 Gordon helped me bring my interview skills to the “next level.” In my responses, I had appropriate ideas and have experienced a variety of health care/personal settings to draw from; however, I was lacking structure and confidence. With Gordon’s help, I was able to confidently answer the questions I was asked in an organized and timely manner. Gordon was always patient and provided great feedback in our sessions. I was accepted into both medical schools I applied to and I highly recommend Gordon’s help in any professional interview process!


 Following rejection in my first attempt with applying to medical school, I received the feedback that I must improve my interview scores should I hope to be accepted in subsequent attempts. After hearing via word of mouth some resoundingly positive testimonials regarding the MMI training Gordon offers, I decided to also engage in his services. This investment turned out to be an excellent one, as I have no doubt that Gordon’s assistance played a significant role in my acceptance into two medical schools following my second round of applications. Gordon is easily approachable, patient, and adept in identifying areas of weakness. Furthermore, he structures the practice sessions in a manner that directly results in the improvement of these areas. Not only was he able to help me speak with greater confidence and eloquence, but he also teaches effective strategy that one can apply to any MMI scenario and be met with success. I absolutely recommend working with Gordon prior to you interview process, and offer him my wholehearted thanks for helping me achieve my goals. 


I am so happy that I looked up Blue Dolphin before two of my interviews this year. Gordon was able to help me secure a spot at the University of Ottawa. Although he mainly helped with my MMI practice for my interview at UBC, the tips he provided such as body language cues, tone of voice, speaking pace, facial expression, basic psychology of interviews, and answer organization, truly helped in my overall panel interview performance at U of O. I am happy that I got the chance to meet Gordon and use his services because I will be entering my dream program come September!!


I sought out Gordon’s coaching services after two unsuccessful application rounds and I am confident that his guidance was integral in my acceptance to medical school this year. Our sessions covered a broad spectrum of questions and touched on critical considerations such as eye contact and response structure. Working on these areas gave me a sense of preparedness and confidence walking into my interviews; I was able to let my mind relax, answer each question thoughtfully, and most importantly, convey my authentic self.


One of the most valuable aspects of Gordon’s service is the unbiased feedback he provides after your practice questions. It is invaluable to have someone, who is familiar with the process, providing candid, thoughtful feedback. He also uses each practice question as an opportunity to help build your strategy for approaching the MMI, which is a huge confidence booster leading up to the interview. I highly recommend using Gordon’s services as an adjunct to your MMI preparation.


Gordon is a great Interview Skills Coach. He worked closely with me to help build my confidence and skill set so that I could deliver my answers in way that was structured, articulate and professional in an interview. He provided me with invaluable tips on verbal and non-verbal communication as well as how to structure my answers. He also provided great examples of different ways certain questions have been approached. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere created by his teaching style. He is easy to talk with and really wants to help his students succeed.


I had the opportunity to work with a few friends who were also interviewing on the same day.  Many of them did complement me on my preparation with a few stating that I had some of the best interview abilities of anyone they had observed.  I think that your advice in critiquing me was an asset among other preparation for my interview.  


Although I’ve always been a confident person and anticipated performing well in the MMI setting, meeting with Gordon was what I believe to be the key to my success in the interview process and subsequent admission into medical school at the University of Alberta. More than anything, Gordon provided me with a strategy that I was able to utilize repeatedly and effectively in the interviews. Because there is pressure during the interviews and not everything goes as expected, it was absolutely critical to have a sturdy formula to use. Gordon helped me develop that formula. In addition to the strategical help, Gordon also improved my verbal and non-verbal speaking capabilities. If I had to prepare to interview all over again, meeting with Gordon would be a no-brainer.


It would really be an understatement to say that Gordon’s support and feedback was helpful for my medical school interviews. Having been through the medical interview process, I have learnt that the most important skill admissions committees look for in applicants is communication, verbal and non-verbal. Many applicants can have good content in their answers but the applicants that stand out are those who can effectively communicate and deliver their responses to the interview panel. This is why Gordon’s Skype interview sessions are so beneficial. From the very first session, he places such a great emphasis on how best to deliver responses in a clear, logical and coherent manner and utilize different aspects of communication, such as speed/volume of voice, hand gestures, and eye contact, in order to deliver the strongest response. When I did mock interviews with medical students after my Skype sessions with Gordon, they were quite amazed at the clarity and structure of my answers, and I have Gordon to thank for this. All the preparation I did with him have played an incredibly important part in my acceptance to my first choice medical school in Ontario and this is something that I, and many other students across the country, will always be incredibly grateful for.


I highly recommend Gordon’s MMI practice sessions because Gordon’s feedback on answers during a mock interview is invaluable! Gordon helped me to find my strengths and weaknesses and he also encouraged me and gave me some great tips for improvement.

He gave me a wonderful strategy to organize my answers. Honestly, I found that the more I practice mock interview with Gordon, the better I get at it.



The sessions we did definitely helped, I was able to organize my answers in my head better before entering each room and I was more comfortable having had some practice answering questions out loud and on the spot. The handouts helped too. The one about suggested resources was good because it encouraged me to do a lot of extra reading before the interview so I felt more comfortable discussing topics that I’m not very knowledgeable in.




I think our sessions really benefited in terms of getting myself in the mindset of the interview. For me personally, I found it extremely helpful to be able to practice with a coach, someone who I’ve never met before, much like the real thing on interview day. It was a much different environment than practicing with your friends or people you know. It felt much more like the real thing and I felt more professional talking in front of you. Your feedbacks were extremely helpful, especially forcing me to be more aware of my umm’s and uhhh’s.